Tools Helper: Mens Shoe

You've heard of LADIES  shoe cutter set..but not MEN shoe cutter set...... ????? why ??

Because there's NONE !!!!

Fret not.....Improvise..Make use of the ladies shoe cutter that you have, or Buy it here

1.Cut out the sole of the Men shoe and trim the front part to make a square toe
2. Cut 2 more sole to make the heel part
3. Use the included front and back template cutter and cut out the gumpaste.Assemble the Men shoe back and front part to the sole and heel with edible glue

4. Use a strip cutter and cut some strips. Attache the strips to the shoe to give the stitching effect to the men's shoe.

5. Paint the shoe with some glaze to make it sheen.

Now you have a Men's shoe done with a Ladies Shoe :-)


Junaida said...

That's a great sharing, Lina! Thanks a lot!

inaengel said...

Nice! But where can I find the "included front and back template cutter"?

I don't have a simular cutter on my Jem lasdies shoe cutter set...


Cuppieslina said...

In JEM's Ladies miniature shoe set, there should be 4 cutters and 4 formers. This includes the back and front template. To make the Men's shoe front part, use the existing cutter as a template guide, but do cut your gumpaste a bit longer to fully cover the front part of the men's shoe.
Hope this helps.

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