Tools Helper : Ladies Shoe

You cant be Cinderella but you like to see shoes on your cakes.....

How to do it.....

1. Get a shoe cutter set, ladies miniature shoe cutter ( for cupcakes) or Ladies Shoecutter for Bigger minicakes/Cakes. This set normally comes with various cutters and formers. Dont get confuse with the  Shoe Cookie Cutter !! A proper Ladies shoe cutter kit will give you a 3D shoe... Cookie Cutter only gives you a 2D shoe.
Cuppieslina recommends JEM miniature Ladies Shoe and Ladies Shoe Buy your shoe cutter here

2. Things that you would need:
      i Gumpaste. ( If you dont have gumpaste, mix fondant with a bit of cmc.) note: Buy ready to use fondant and CMC here
    ii. brush
   iv edible glue
   v roller pad *Optional for better result Buy it here

3. Take a 25mm ball and shape it into a cone to make the heel. Press it into the heel part of the shoe mould. Press firmly to get a nice shape and remove any excess gumpaste. Remove the heel from the mould and let it dry

4. By using a roller pad, place the sole cutter onto the rolller pad. Roll out a 5mm thich paste and cut out the sole

5.Attach the heel to the sole with some edible glue. Let the toe section of the shoe rest on the working surface. Use the former included in the set to act as a heel bridge

6. For the top of the shoe, there are varieties of ways to do it, depending on the design of the shoe that you want. You can be as creative as you want and create a stunning shoe.
 a. Make a frilly shoe by putting some lacy frills on top of the shoe front
 b. Make sandals by using the included front shoe cutter. Let it rest on the former to get the curve shape.
c. make some stripes for the front shoe

 d. Add some small flowers.
e. Put a bow on your sandal / Shoe

1001 designs of shoe / sandals.....

Good Luck!!

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