2012 MOST Wanted

Based on  our 2012   data, Cuppieslina  have come up with the following list:

MOST Wanted SUGARCRAFT TOOL Sugarcraft Gun

MOST Wanted SUGARFLOWER  BOOK Paddi Clark's Sugarflower for beginner

MOST Wanted  CAKE DECORATING  BOOK Eddie Spence's The art of Royal Icing

MOST Wanted  FIGURINE BOOK  Maureen Carlson's How to make clay character 

MOST Wanted  ALPHABET CUTTER FMM Standard Alphabet

MOST Wanted  EDIBLE INK PEN COLOUR Black, dark gold

MOST Wanted  EDIBLE SOFT GEL COLOUR Turquoise, Purple

MOST Wanted  SILICON MOULD Brooch mould, 5 face mould, Baby collection Mould

MOST Wanted  FLOWER CUTTER Petunia and Peony


 MOST ENQUIRED TOPIC: macaron making


NEW TREND in 2012 painting cake,  push cake, cake in a jar, crepes

 Thank you all for making CUPPIESLINA your MOST visited CAKE DECORATING and SUGARCARFT Supplier. We hope you are happy with our service and hope to continue to service you and improve towards the better.

Last but not least....2013  has just started, Hope its not too late for Cuppieslina to wish everyone ALL THE BEST...

May The Every Moment Of Coming  New Year Brings Happiness And
Prosperity In Life, Enjoy The Every Moment Of Life. Happy New Year.

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